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Afghanistan embroidery
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Afghan embroidery
In some cultures textiles are the dominant visual medium and this is especially true of Asian textiles. The embroidery of Afghanistan and Pakistan is an integral part of daily life and is rich, sumptuous and amazingly diverse. Most embroidery is made by girls and women for personal use and to adorn their homes and their livestock. Galerie Ariana specializes in these textiles and other fine collectibles.

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embroidery from Afghanistan Galerie Ariana
Ariana is the Latinized form of the Greek Ariane (Gr: Arianoi) and was the regional name or geographical term used for the area of Afghanistan in ancient period, covering the land between the Indian subcontinent and Persia. It included modern-day Afghanistan, east and southeast Iran, most of Tajikistan, south Turkmenistan, south Uzbekistan, and extending to the Indus River in Pakistan.


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