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Welcome to JFF - Ancient Art

In this Ancient Art gallery you can find affordably priced, high quality genuine antiquities from ancient Egypt, the Roman Empire and ancient Greece, but the focal point lies in the ancient Egyptian world.

I began collecting ancient artifacts in 1996 and over the years I developed an obsession especially in Egyptian art. In the course of time I have seen a lot of items on the market sold as authentic artifacts even if they were neither authentic nor artifacts. I established
JFF - Ancient Art to share my experience and expertise as a collector; my aim is to provide fine ancient art to collectors worldwide.

The authenticity of the offered items is guaranteed and based on extensive research and contacts with distinguished experts respectively museums. Against the background guarding and respecting the ancient cultures, JFF - Ancient Art is particularly concerned by the origin of the artifacts. All offered artifacts are of legal provenance; they have legally been acquired and belonged to established collections or have been purchased in the art market.

If you have any questions, inquiries or if you want to offer individual items respectively complete collections, do not hesitate to contact me.

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