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Japanese Buddhist Monk Priest NICHIREN Sculpture Statue

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 SOLD OUT. Please inquire for similar items. 
SOLD OUT. Please inquire for similar items.

Japanese Sage - Nichiren (Sun-Lotus) Wooden Image Sculpture

A very old sculpture image of Buddhist monk/sage Nichiren made by the Yosegi Zukuri or Joint-Block Technique/Assembled-Wood Method. Circa late 1700~early 1800s (Edo Period).

Nichiren (February 16, 1222~October 13, 1282), born Zennichimaro and finally Nichiren, was a Buddhist monk of 13th century Japan. A controversial figure during his lifetime, he is the founder of Nichiren Buddhism, a major Japanese Buddhist stream encompassing several schools of often widely conflicting doctrine.

Since his passing Nichiren has been known by several posthumous names intended to express respect for him or to represent his position in the history of Buddhism. Most common among these are Nichiren Shonin (usually rendered "St. Nichiren" in English) and Nichiren Daisho­nin ("Great Sage Nichiren"). Preference for these titles generally depends on the school a person adheres to, with Nichiren Sho­nin being most commonly used and Nichiren Daisho­nin preferred by followers of schools derived from the Nikko­ lineages. Japanese Nichiren Buddhists always refer to Nichiren using one of these respectful forms of address, or by a title of respect alone (e.g., "the Daisho­nin") and may be offended if the title is omitted.

The Japanese imperial court also awarded Nichiren the honorific designations Nichiren Daibosatsu or ("Great Bodhisattva Nichiren") and Rissho­ Daishi ("Great Teacher Rissho); the former title was granted in 1358 and the latter, in 1922. (Excerpt from Wikipedia)

Measurements: Height x Width x Depth = 30 x 26 x 17 cm.

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