Mastromauro Japanese art
A Japanese Satsuma rectangular Satsuma vase by Kinkozan Sobei
A Japanese Satsuma plate by Ryozan
EUR €1,700.00
A Japanese Satsuma bowl by Shuzan
EUR €1,000.00
A Japanese bronze Ryoka bon Nogawa company
A Japanese wood okimono of two chicks by Ohno Meizan
EUR €1,800.00
A japanese boxwood okimono of Benkei
EUR €8,500.00
A Japanese cloisonnè vases worked in silver wire
On Request
A Japanese pair of mixed metal vases
EUR €2,900.00
A Japanese bronze okimono of an elephant
On Request
A Japanese boxwood netsuke of Okame mask
EUR €1,300.00
A Japanese wood and lacquer O-natsume
On Request
A Japanese study of an ivory fig by Ando Rokuzan
Kyohei Fujita – A Japanese glass and gilted Kazuribako
Yabu Meizan - Pair of Japanese satsuma vases
A Japanese ivory wood and shibayama tusk
On Request
Gosu blue cricket cage
EUR €2,800.00
A Japanese lacquered Inro of a Hawk
Munekazu Soichi – A Japanese boxwood okimono of a toad