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Cast iron Buddha, Jiajing mark (1564)
Mikael Jaspers
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The Netherlands
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Portrait of a dignitary in a yellow robe. Portrait of a dignitary in a yellow robe.
A Ming period cabinet - ca. 1600 A Ming period cabinet - ca. 1600

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Specializing since 1997 in authentic antique Chinese furniture and objects which I supply to dealers and collectors. I travel to China myself and select the pieces I consider interesting on the spot. Out of dissatisfaction with methods and quality of restoration-work on furniture done in China, I only buy items in an untouched, authentic condition. As far as restoration is required, I do the work myself, as to maintain as much of its original character as possible. The collection ranges from early 17th century cabinets and storage jars to paintings, sculpture and textiles. A small collection of shamanism related objects from Nepal are a side-path.
Fragment of an Imperial Yongzheng chaofu

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