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Qing Guangxu Six Marks
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Han dynasty 206BC - 206BC Tang dynasty 618 - 906 Five dynasties 906 - 960 Song dynasty 960 - 1279 Yuan dynasty 1279 - 1368 Ming dynasty 1368 - 1644 Qing dynasty 1644 - 1912 Vietnamese Annamese Japanese Ceramics Antique Korean Ceramics Antique
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We provide only authentic antique porcelain. With our specialization for more than 10 years,our team is majored in antique china ceramics.Though we do provide japan, western, and vietnam collections. We trade both local and internationally, our clients ranging from private collector, business, to auction houses. We also open negotiable with fair price. Please feel free to contact us.


Ming Wanli Kilin Vase

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