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We're specialized in Chines, Japanese, Asian, Oriental artworks & antiques including small furnitures & jeweleries.
All Items : Vintage Arts : Furnishings : Furniture : Asian : Japanese : Pre 1940 item #1394415
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An old & very rare Chinese vanity/dressing set in faux tortoiseshell. In its large blue velvet-covered & satin-lined original case, the typical necessities for a mundane life are found (from left-right & upper-lower): comb, clothe brush, round box, ovoid brush, glove/boot hook, nail file, mirror, lidded oval box, pocket change tray, shoe horn & shoe brush. Each item has engraved & gild 3-toed dragon on top. Unmarked. •SIZE: please use pictures with ruler/meter to estimate dimensi...
All Items : Fine Art : Mixed Media : Relief : Pre 1940 item #1394281
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An old Chinese/Indonesian-Asian cigarette/card case in solid silver. The slightly curved case has a highly embossed plaque attached to its front with figures of 2 boats: the one in front has 2 people in peasant outfits, both wear (straw?) hats - one rows, other casts a net. They're surrounded by landscape with waves, temples, houses & tree, appears semi-naive style. On the back some sort of diagram (possibly the word Fu (Happiness) enclosed in "Bird feet" patterned frame. A thin built-in clip is...
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Silver : Period : Pre 1930 item #1394279
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A hard-to-find Chinese/Indonesian-Asian cigarette-cigar/trinket box in solid silver. The almost square/cubic box is highly embossed with figures of several Gods/Goddesses in various stances surrounded by foliage & floral patterns: 4 on top in muddhra meditation or dancing positions, 2 on each lateral side appear to be riders of different mystic animals (peacocks/phoenix, horned & tiger-striped horses, giant rams) Strong hinge, opens/closes smoothly without gap.The interior is lined with thin w...
All Items : Antiques : Furnishings : Furniture : Asian : Japanese : Pre 1920 item #1394277
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A very old Japanese porcelain tea/sake pot. The figural pot depicts a man with fish creel riding on back of a giant fish (koi or carp), this must relate to the Japanese fairy tale either of the Chinese-influenced celestial carp leaping over rapid to become a dragon, or of Rosetsu the painter who learned perseverance from the fish. Good details with rough highlights in brown & blue, typical of older Hirado pieces. Unmarked. •SIZE: 4.75"~12cm H(igh, to lid's top) x 8"~203mm L(ong)...
All Items : Vintage Arts : Furnishings : Accessories : Boxes : Pre 1950 item #1394276
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A nice old, beautiful & quite large (wood-based, NOT plastic) Japanese lacquer box in form of a fish (Tai - sea bream, snapper, porgy). The quite large & heavy fish is very lifelike in its natural size, and is completely covered in lacquer: dark red on the outside with yellow belly, black the interior. Its raised tail & pectoral fin served as handle & finial respectively. Gorgeous details of scales, fins & others, unmarked. •SIZE: 4.3"~109mm H(igh, to fins tip) x 15"~381mm L(ong)...
All Items : Vintage Arts : Furnishings : Accessories : Pre 1930 item #1394274
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A vey old Japanese tobacco pouch with woven-patterned pipe- holder. The single-compartment bag is made from leather connected to the holder via a short cord with a green stone ojime, the 2 part holder is leather pressed in a stylish woven pattern. Silver-compounded clasp figures a grape cluster with leaf & a nut. Unmarked. •SIZE: pouch 2.8"~71mm H(igh) x 4.7"~119mm W(ide) x 0.8"~20mm T(hickest), ojime 1.5"~38mm D(iameter). Total weight 100gr •CONDITION: Hardened leat...
All Items : Vintage Arts : Decorative Art : Metals : Silver : Pre 1940 item #1394272
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A quite old & rare tripod salt/pepper cellar in solid silver. The pod stands firmly on 3 feet having image of some sort of animal head, it's pierced/carved with mum flowers & "Happiness" (Fu) symbols in equal intervals around its circumference and on the hinged lid. A glass liner fits snuggly into the tripod's hollow, unmarked. •SIZE: 2.5"~63mm H(igh, to finial top) x 2.2"~55mm (D(iameter), glass liner 1.15"~29mm H(igh) x 1.3"~33mm D(iameter). Weighs 50gr (silver only). •CONDITION:...