Senatus Consulto sells neolithic axe, spear, cylinder seal, scarab, tools, ceramic
About Us
Senatus Consulto is a large antiquities online gallery. We are based in Copenhagen, Denmark and many items are from the Scandinavian antiquities market and from old collection. We also buy from reliable international sources, private collections and esteemed auctionhouses.

Senatus Consulto has been operating as online dealers of ancient world artifacts since 1999, and we have more than 50 years combined knowledge of ancient artifacts and coins.

Our specialities are ancient metal antiquities, ancient coins, seals, ceramics, ancient weapons and tools. Our inventory spans from neolithic tools dating 4000 BC to antiques from the modern period. We take pride in doing our own research on items and use our professional network and resources to do so.

Each item comes with an invoice as a Certificate of Authenticity for culture, period, material and we provide a lifetime authenticity refund.

- We do our best to ensure the authenticity of all objects

- We will never knowingly offer counterfeits, copies, or reproductions without clearly describing them as such.

- Costumers Satisfaction is important for us - if you don't like any item you receive from SC, please return it for a full refund, excluding any costs relating to the sale.

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