Senatus Consulto sells neolithic axe, spear, cylinder seal, scarab, tools, ceramic
Senatus Consulto
A wonderful antique bronze with royal portraits, from France, dating ca. 1600 AD.

A large and attractive mortar with good high relief portraits.

Condition: Choice, Note that the mortar has a small loss at the rim, but it's an ancient damage or perhaps it was born this way. Terrific brown patina.

Size: 13,3 cm. wide and 9,5 cm. high, the mortar weighs ca. 2 kilograms.

Ex. Old Danish Collection.
Senatus Consulto
A rare bronze mortar, likely Spanish but could French as well, late 16th. century AD.

Interesting design with faces and spacers. Also smaller faces near the rim.

Size: 10,4 cm. wide and 7,2 cm. high, weighing just below 1 kilogram.

Condition: Choice, wonderful brown patina, smaller nicks as seen in the pictures.

Ex. Ib Olsen Collection
Senatus Consulto
An exceptional, huge bronze mortar with pestle, Italian 17th. century AD.

The mortar with two side dolphin handgrips, turned and steped form. This mortar is impressive and would appeal both to the collectors of early European metal item and to interiour decorators looking for something out of the ordinary.

The full set weighs more than 13 kilogram with the mortar weighing around 10 kilograms.

Size: Ca. 22,5 cm. high and 20,5 cm. wide. Masive construction...