Senatus Consulto sells neolithic axe, spear, cylinder seal, scarab, tools, ceramic
Heavy ridged bronze battle axe, Eurasian Steppes, 2nd. mill. BC
Fine scarce Danish Neolithic grooved stone mace head in granite
Attractive bronze battle axe, Eurasian Steppes, 2nd. millenium BC
Choice antique African Songe culture presentation axe, 19th. cent.
Fine Collection of African Currency bracelets or bars, 18th.-19th. c.
Pair of huge male & female Ming Dynasty pottery attendants w. TL
Museum Quality Ming Dynasty pottery figures of attendants w TL
Pair of Yoruba Bronze Eden Ogboni staves, Nigeria, 19th. century
Hindu Vulcanic stone stele of Pavati, East Java province, 14th. cent.
High quality Pre-Columbian Moche Female Stirrup vessel, 3rd.-5th. c.
Bronze temple Bell of Hanuman and Krishna, India 18th.-19th cent.
Exceptional Pair of Igbo Cast Brass Wrist Guards, 19th. century
High quality Roman Textile weaving w wild animals, 3rd.-4th. cent AD
Large bronze terminal of Garuda Khmer c. 12th century, Bayon Style
Fine Chinese Warring States Period decorated belthook, 4th-3rd. c. BC
Nice authentic Chinese Han period bronze belthook w azurite patina
Chinese Han Dynasty iron belt hook with animal gold inlays!
Large & rare silver and gemstones prayer wheel, Tibetan, 18th. cent.