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Danish Viking silver penny, HarthaCnut (hardeknud) w. Worm!

Danish Viking silver penny, HarthaCnut (hardeknud) w. Worm!

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A fine quality Danish Viking Penny, Hardeknud (Knud III, the Hardy). As “Vice-King,” circa 1026/8-1035.

AR Penny. East Danish standard. Lund mint. Struck circa 1030-1035. + HΛRÐΛCN·V·T RX, serpent curling leftward / magistrates name around open linear convex cross with pellet terminals and pellet center; arches of pellets in quarters. Hauberg 1 var.; Becker, Coinages p. 120 type minted in Lund. The type displays the iconic Worm on the obverse, likely a representation of the Midgar worm.

In Norse mythology, Jörmungandr, meaning "huge monster", also known as the Midgard (World) Serpent is a sea serpent, the middle child of the giantess Angrboða and Loki. According to the Prose Edda, Odin took Loki's three children by Angrboða—the wolf Fenrir, Hel, and Jörmungandr—and tossed Jörmungandr into the great ocean that encircles Midgard. The serpent grew so large that it was able to surround the earth and grasp its own tail. As a result, it received the name of the Midgard Serpent or World Serpent. When it releases its tail, Ragnarök will begin.

Condition: Good VF, usual dents and hairlines from making.

Reff. Hauberg 20 (var)