Aweidah Gallery - Ancient Art
Ancient Parthian clay figure of a reclining man, 100 AD
Ancient Elamite terracotta figure of Astarte 1500 – 1000 BC
Ancient Sumerian beads necklace, 2000 BC
Ancient Persian "Near Eastern" figure of Astarte, 1000 BC
Ancient clay figure of a standing Astarte, 1800 BC
Old Babylonian decorated clay plaque, 2040 - 1750 BC
Ancient bronze short sword, 1200 – 800 BC
Ancient bronze short sword, 1000 – 800 BC
Persian decorated bronze spike-butted axe-head 1000 BC
Bronze final in the form of the master of animals, 1000 BC
Ancient Persian bronze dagger with a decorated handle, 1000 B.C
Persian solid bronze torque 800 - 600 BC
Mesopotamian clay figure of Astarte, 1800 BC
Ancient Near-Eastern pottery plaque "hunting scene", 5th Cent. BC
Mesopotamian, Babylonian figure of a stand worshipper, 1800 BC
Near-Eastern Persian bronze mace-head, 2nd - 1st millennium B.C
Mesopotamian pottery figure of a standing worshiper, 1800 B.C
An Amlash terracotta hump-backed bull rython