Depression Glass, Fenton, Duncan and Miller, Fostoria, Cambridge, Two J's, Imperial
All Items : Glassware : Depression : Companies : Viking : Pre 1980 item #1405106 (stock #VikRHshkrs)
Two J's
Viking Red Honeycomb Shakers are about 5.5" tall and in mint condition, including the tops. Made in the 1960's, this pair is in excellent condition.
All Items : Glassware : Depression : Companies : Fire King : Pre 1970 item #1402191 (stock #FKgreyLDin)
Two J's
Fire King Laurel 9" Gray Dinner Plate was produced from 1951-65. 9-1/8" in diameter and in mint condition. Four plates are available.
All Items : Glassware : EAPG : Pre 1930 item #1053503 (stock #CrnbySrp)
Two J's
Cranberry 7.25" Syrup from the Victorian era. I can't tell you much about this other than it is old, probably from pre-1920's. It has a brass top and ground bottom.
All Items : Glassware : Depression : Companies : Hazel Atlas : Pre 1960 item #1045806 (stock #HA534Grn)
Two J's
Hazel Atlas Green Mixing Bowl 5.75". Pictured in "Kitchen Glassware", 3rd Ed., Pg. 83, by Florence & Whitmyer. Made before the 1960's, in mint condition. Has logo embossed on bottom.
All Items : Glassware : Depression : Companies : Jeannette : Pre 1940 item #736246 (stock #Jdpht)
Two J's
These kitchenware shakers were produced by Jeannette Glass Company during the 1920's - 30's. The color is Delphite blue, an opaque blue glass Jeannette used for their kitchenware line. About 6" tall and excellent condition -- original tops do have some dings in them, but are in very good shape.