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Unusual Chinese Traditional Medicine herb grinder, circa late Ming. Still quite functional, there is an original firing crack on the base while the glaze on the inner rim has been worn smooth down to the body from centuries of use. D: 12.4cm/4.9in and H:8.9cm/3.5in.
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Rare and unusual Iban pottery pattern paddle carved from durable Iron Wood, circa 19th century. The pattern on this would be pressed into unfired clay pots to give it this design by the Iban people of Sarawak. This technique has been used since Neolithic times predating the pottery wheel, where pots were made by coiling “ropes” of clay into a shape and then using the paddle to press the coils together to make a shape...
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Pair of “opium scales” from Laos, these came from Luang Prabang but were used through much of Southeast Asia. Most likely these were used in everyday trading whether it was pork meat to big chunks of opium and are quite simple with lead applied to one end as a counterweight and the scale being measured in hash marks along the sides. The opposite ends have been inlaid with small rectangular pieces of a darker wood (possibly buffalo horn?), a subtle but attractive decoration...