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Rare Mishmi parang or da from the Digaro subgroup Arunachal Pradesh, India. This piece is contemporary and was acquired by a friend who took part in an expedition doing Ethnobotanical research in this remote region which borders Tibet five years ago. It is constructed of a bone pommel, hand forged blade, wood open scabbard, held together with copper wire and a pigskin carrying strap...
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Good old Northern Thai sword (dha). This piece has rattan bindings with a silver pommel. The scabbard and blade match but are not original as the blade is about 10cm shorter than meant for the sword. L: 70cm/27.5in and the blade is 37cm/14.5in. The blade is sharp but a bit rusty. Originally there was circa 1920’s Rama the 8th coin stuck in the pommel, I have found another 1930s coin as a replacement which you can glue in if you want.
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Be the first kid on your block to own a 1985 original film poster of the Thai movie~ Magic Lizard (King-ka Kayasit). Directed by Sampote Sands and starring some guy in a Frilled Lizard rubber suit. Having perused a couple of blogs (email me if you want the links), it seems that Sampote Sands did for Thai Cinema what Ed Woods did for Hollywood. No tears or pinholes (a couple of smudges on the edge). 78cm/30.8in x 55cm/21.8in. Your inner child demands that you buy this poster!