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Be the first kid on your block to own a 1985 original film poster of the Thai movie~ Magic Lizard (King-ka Kayasit). Directed by Sampote Sands and starring some guy in a Frilled Lizard rubber suit. Having perused a couple of blogs (email me if you want the links), it seems that Sampote Sands did for Thai Cinema what Ed Woods did for Hollywood. No tears or pinholes (a couple of smudges on the edge). 78cm/30.8in x 55cm/21.8in. Your inner child demands that you buy this poster!
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Chinese poster of a painting printed at the end of the Cultural Revolution in 1976, originally painted 1974 by a well known Chinese artist: Lu Yifei (1931 to 2005) -studied under Wu Fan, Lu Yanshao, Pan Tianshou, Deng Bai, and Song Chung-yuan. Titled: "Warm Snowy Night", depicting a cozy winter setting in a Shanghai Department Store...