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You will not find me personally participating on any social sites.

Hello and thank you for visiting! We wish to add you to our list of hundreds of happy clients and wish you a memorable collecting experience. Please take a few minutes to read the sales policies below, where you may find many of your questions answered.

Due to the numerous requests, appraisals are not available here nor can we answer questions about your own personal pieces. We kindly suggest you visit the hundreds of wonderful, exciting, interesting sites on the net and read, read, read!

Existing clients or Trocadero members please call and I will try to be of assistance when possible.

Only those Order Now inquiries with a Complete, Name, Address, Zip, Phone Numbers will be answered. May we kindly suggest that you read our full descriptions and view All pictures which are full of details. If you still have Qs, they will be answered at the end of the item description for you.

Please Do Not Make Offers. Dealers with a brick and mortar Store and/or a Web Site, please leave your name address phone info to discuss quantity purchase specials.

We are accepting time payments with a third, third, third plan.

Due to metals' rising costs, we reserve the right to raise prices or remove inventory.

Satisfaction is guaranteed with a 30 day merchandise credit for vintage pcs, and 12 days merchandise credit for MIMI DEE ORIGINALS. Please contact ASAP and return in the same condition with original tags intact, Insured, 30 days (12 for MIMI DEE ORIGINALS) from original ship date.

Currently accepting commissions for acrylic pet portrait and "places" paintings and self adornment metalwork.

With your USA check or USPS MO, Free USPS priority/Ins/Track. ALL subsequent exchange ship insurance fees are the sole responsibility of the buyer. We have a generous exchange plan in place.

All claims are the sole responsibility of the buyer who will be provided with initial shipping data .

Address correction charges incurred will be billed to buyer when incorrect address is provided by the buyer at time of order.

Please make USA checks or USPS money orders, payable to: MIMI DEE and mail to PO Box 458 Methuen, MA 01844 (same address > 12 years!)

To lower stress levels: When mailing to large cities and or to a high rise with concierge service or supers, and valued > $300, Signature Confirmation with Restricted Delivery will be used. The buyer will be required to sign for it. To avoid having the package returned to Mimi Dee Artwear, please arrange to be available or ask the Post Office to re deliver. This, because a super was known to sign for a package and then the package "mysteriously disappeared" at a loss to the buyer!

While we pay the initial mailing fees; to mail it a 2nd time would be paid by the buyer.

MA residents must pay 6.25% sales tax.

Please be aware that the Vintage/Antique pieces have no duplicates & the signed MIMI DEE pieces are not duplicated.

UPS: not currently available

All Vintage/Antique items are in very good wearable/functional condition, with any minor 'flea bites', if any, mentioned in the item catalog page description under or on the pictures.

Signed MIMI DEE Sterling Fine Silver or 14K Gold or gf pieces are Hand Wrought/Hand Crafted, without the use of power tools. Small, tool marks are normal and demonstrate that only one pair of hands (mine) made this very collectible piece just for you! Should your MIMI DEE ART piece suffer a mishap, gosh forbid, your treasured collectible will be carefully restored.

Please, collect with confidence after reviewing the dozens of Trocadero verified testimonials.

Gallerists, Gallery Owners or Store Buyers, when you wish to add Signed Mimi Dee Art pieces to your store inventory, please call below for wholesale info. Please provide proof of your Gallery's Store's physical address, while a website is helpful.

Signed Mimi Dee Studio metalwork, jewelry and paintings; artwork's prices are likely to be raised, as they are "one of" and to meet rising precious metals' and materials' costs.

Our promise: we will not share your info with third parties and we have practiced shredding for all our clients' protection even before there were domestic shredders!

You will never receive spam from here. If you do, it is from someone who has hijacked my email account, as all messaging from me will be sent via Trocadero's messaging system.

All Inquiries are held in Complete Confidence, therefore only those with Verifiable Complete, Name, Address, Zip, Phone Numbers will be answered, this due to the numerous fraudulent requests from various 3rd world countries' deposed princes or diplomats' offspring offering millions of unclaimed dollars. You have all heard those scams before.

We are No longer set up to ship outside the USA.

International: Regrettably, due to customs, insurance issues, and the all too frequent scam, NO international service outside of our 50 states available. Thank you for your understanding.

Due to the numerous requests, appraisals are not available here. May we suggest that you visit the hundreds of interesting sites and read, read, read! Have fun learning!

Dealers rest assured that under no circumstances will I share your name, location or price paid for your purchases. Please alert me to your dealer status.

Enjoy my gems, both the Vintage/Antique and my own MIMI DEE SIGNED STUDIO STERLING & FINE SILVER ART JEWELRY & Paintings in GOOD HEALTH! PS: I accept commissions.


PO BOX 458

978 975-5148 --- 1:00 - 7:00 PM EST - MON - THUR only

All calls are answered by voice mail. Please begin your message which gives me time to put my paint brush down then remove my mask and gloves to answer the phone..

Thank you for shopping at!


ADDITIONAL/REPEAT INFO - oh my gosh yet again:

Issues if any described under or on image

Available unless mrkd 'Pending' or 'Sold' or 'Hold'

Price of Sold items are NOT available-------- NO Appraisals given
Please do NOT make offers

International orders will not be answered, as all service outside of our 50 USA states has been suspended. Please consider employing a USA buying service to send USA Ck or USPS MO and to receive your items at a verifiable USA address. Thank you for your understanding.


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