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Opalized dinosaur toe bone in three pieces. This one-of-a-kind gem translucent red fire opal toe bone was found in Utah. It is 2" long by .325" wide. The top of the claw is readily seen as translucent, but the entire claw as well as the two toe bones are also red fire opal throughout, but the outside would need to be polished to bring out the translucent opal. This is the only red fire opal dinosaur bone fossil known to exist as far as I know...
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A Jack of Hearts playing card shot through the heart, signed J.W. Hardin in the bottom right hand margin and for Mr. Ford in the bottom left hand margin along with 3 words I cannot read. The handful of other known examples, estimated to be between 6-17 appear to be from the same deck. The gunslinger was part owner of the bar and gambling venue and he reportedly signed these cards for patrons as a souvenir of a shooting demonstration he put on for the Fourth of July...