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The Pair
Very cool pair of Marx Toys helmets. These are doughboy style but WWII vintage. These are red and I think there is a silver version also. Terrific condition when one looks at what is usually offered for sale. These were toys in every sense of the word and after spending years battling in neighborhood backyards the condition usually suffers significantly. These have good shape and excellent remaining paint. The first one shown in detail is complete with a nice strong decal...
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Brandywine Militaria
Very neat lot of toy soldiers made by Auburn Rubber of Indiana. Because rubber does dry with age these are basically always cracked and have some damage. That being said these are rather uncommon. This lot includes 5 soldiers. The prize of the bunch is the motorcycle soldier which shows the unavoidable age cracks but no broken pieces and the wheels spin properly. This piece is balanced so it does stand freely. Also included: One officer with detached head. One soldier advancing with rifle...
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Brandywine Militaria
Elastolin soldiers. American band set of 7. Condition is excellent with no damage of significance and paint is almost perfect. These damage easily and are usually much more worn then this offering as they were originally toys meant to be played with.