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My gallery specializes in ancient treasures and antiqutiies from the Egyptian, Classical, Pre-Columbian, Asian and Near-Eastern Cultures. With a particular focus on terracotta, glazed objects and bronze artifacts - and often the more curious and odd objects.

My main objective is to purvey interesting ancient art of high quality, while also presenting objects in the more affordable end for the general collector.

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History of Antiqua Gallery

With every single ancient piece is a story, and a unique heritage. When you own an egyptian bronze Osiris figure, you acquire a small piece of that historic era. It's the closest you get to travelling in time - and I try my best to help you acquire pieces of this far gone ancient legacy.

Antiqua Gallery deals only in genuine ancient art and antiquities, which have been acquired through old private collections and deceased estates. I've been dealing since 2015 and have been providing collectors around the world with beautiful ancient artifacts since then. I hope you find something interesting, and don't hesitate to contact me.

Best wishes,
Theodor Knutzen, Owner of Antiqua Gallery

 Featured Items
Terracotta Figure from Guerrero
Terracotta Figure from Guerrero
Greek Squat-Lekythos
Greek Squat-Lekythos
Greek-Etruscan Oinochoe
Greek-Etruscan Oinochoe
Egyptian Bronze Figure of Osiris
Egyptian Bronze Figure of Osiris
Pre-Columbian Flute from Peru
Pre-Columbian Flute from Peru


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