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Here for your buying pleasure is an early all-original Babyland Rag-Albert Bruckner Topsy Turvy cloth doll. Early 1893 on.

This Bruckner Topsy Turvy doll features a black faced doll on one end and a white faced doll on the other. They are an earlier example than what is many times seen, and retain all of their original clothing and bonnets. They are entirely hand sewn and their clothing is a combination of hand and machine sewn stitching. The are 13-inches in height...

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Antique Doll Treasures
For your buying pleasure I am offering this precious French Raynal cloth doll with her original clothing. Circa 1931.

The history of the Raynal dolls is quite fascinating. The French factory was built in 1922 by Edouard Raynal of Paris, France. He applied for his first cloth/felt doll patent in 1930. They were competitors of the Italian Lenci doll manufacturer's , specializing in felt dolls. Many Raynal dolls, even today, are mistaken for Lenci's...