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Like most dealers I started out as a collector, with collections in Murano and Scandinavian glass, along with Louis Vuitton and other high end luxury goods. I began dealing part-time in the early 1980ís doing Doll and Toy shows in Massachusetts and Connecticut, and soon expanded to promoting my own show in Marlboro, Massachusetts.

Costume jewelry, collectible china and glassware; and when the collections expanded and out grew their space, Louis Vuitton, Murano and Scandinavian glass were then added to the merchandise offered for sale. At that time I also began to do 26th Street Flea Market in Manhattan along with the Brimfield Antiques shows three times a year, scheduling vacations from a professional career as a programmer to coincide with the shows. The 26th Street Market was always an exciting time! We met and sold to the likes of Andy Warhol, Diane Keaton, and Irene Kara. There was always a chance to do some star gazing!

I started specializing in Murano and Scandinavian glass and the French luxury goods like Vuitton, Goyard and Hermes more than 25 years ago Ė my how time flies! I have learned a couple of things in my years as a dealer, the first being itís impossible to know everything about everything. When we donít know or donít have the answer, we seek out the experts.

The second lesson gleaned from my dealings in antiques is to never judge a book by its cover! At one particular Brimfield, a customer, whom appeared to be a simple farmer in dusty overalls and work boots, and whom looked like he just came off the fields, was admiring and inquiring about a doll I had on the table. He wanted it for his wife who he said collected dolls. The doll was priced at $650, a fair but hefty price for a doll at that time. I assumed by the way he was dressed and his unassuming manner that he most likely would be unable to purchase the doll, but answered his questions and explained what I knew about it. He then inquired about the price and I expected him to walk away, but without hesitation he reached in his pocket and paid cash in full for the doll. Lesson learned! That moment has stuck with me to this day.

I still do the Brimfield shows, and have added Marrier's Flea market to the shows I attend and have been with Trocadero now for several years. I invite questions and inquiries about any of the items I sell as I love talking about them. Reasonable offers are readily entertained as well! Special requests and wish lists are also welcome, as finding items is half the fun.

Hope to hear from you soon!


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