Apolonia Ancient Art offers ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Pre-Columbian works of art Apolonia Ancient Art
Extremely Fine and Scarce Greek Sikyon Silver Obol with Apollo Bust
Rare & Superb Hellenistic Greek Silver Kantharos with Flat Handles
X-Large Greek Apulian Knob-Handled Patera Plate: Ex Ganymede Painter
Intact Greek Attic Kylix with Control and Ownership Lettering
Attractive Votive & Ceremonial Olmec Blue-Green Stone Celt/Ax
Dainty & Superb Greek Bronze Oinochoe with Elongated Strap Handle
Viking Fine Designed Bronze Bracelets with Intricate Details
Complete and X-Large Roman Gold Earring with Shield Emblem
Large Dramatic Veracruz Xipe-Toltec Ceremonial Figurine with Fan
Intact & Complete Roman Bronze Crossbow Fibula with Cross Design
Complete & Scarce Roman Bronze Bull Oil Lamp Cover with Nice Patina
Intact & Detailed Greek Bronze Fluted Kalyx Bowl with Floral Pattern
X-Rare & Tinned Roman Bronze Legionary Armor Plaque with Standing Mars
Mint Quality & X-Rare Greek Messapian Column Krater with Waves
Beautiful & Complete Greek Gold Diadem Wreath with Olive Leaves
Intact Architectural Near Eastern Red Steatite Kohl Vessel
Superb & Intact Greek Bronze Oinochoe with Trefoil Spout
Superb & Intact Chimu/Lambayeque Blackware Stirrup-Spout God Vessel