Apolonia Ancient Art offers ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Pre-Columbian works of art Apolonia Ancient Art
Scarce & Intact Colima Water Carrier with Detailed Jar: Ex Sothebys
Complete Greek Terracotta Applique of a Young Herakles/Alexander
Greco-Roman Bronze Wild Boar Figurine with Detailed Features
Mayan Brownware Ceremonial Carved Bowl with Rare Glyphs: Ex Sothebys
Exceptional & Vibrant Large Mayan Plate with God K: Ex Ferdinand Anton
Sacred & Votive Hard Stone Valdivia-Chorrera Hache with Esoteric Shape
Intact & Detailed Moche Stirrup-Vessel with Lively Strombus Monster
Dynamic Roman Marble Helmeted Bust of Minerva (Athena)
Vibrant Greek Attic Sessile Checker Designed Kantharos
Mint Quality & Beautiful Roman Glass Flask with Trailing Neck Thread
Large Erotic Egyptian Wooden Female Procession Model Figurine
Rare & Mint Quality Moche I Portrait Vessel with Serene Expression
Egyptian Faience Ptah Amulet Bust with Serene Smile
Unique Italic Late Renaissance Plaque with Seated God Figure
X-Large Greek Hellenistic Blackware Guttos with Silenus Roundel
Mint Quality and Dainty Roman Glass Patella Cup with Thick Patina
Master Moche Fineline Stirrup-Vessel with Serpent Warriors
Large & Muscular Egyptian Faience Amulet Torso of Pataikos