Apolonia Ancient Art offers ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Pre-Columbian works of art Apolonia Ancient Art
Mint Quality & X-Rare Greek Messapian Column Krater with Waves
Rare & Intact Romano-Egyptian Micro-Mosaic Cut Glass Tile of Horus
Flawless & Powerful Chimu Blackware Feline Aryballos
Nayarit Standing Warrior with Helmet and Barrel Armor: Ex Marschall
X-Large and Rare Greek Attic White-Ground Votive Lekythos
Superb & Realistic Roman Bronze Portrait Bust of Marcus Aurelius
X-Large & Intact Greek Attic Black Glazed Skyphos with Thick Handles
Rare Italo-Etruscan Geometric Bronze Long-Necked Horse Pendant
Apolonia Ancient Art and the AIAD
Powerful Classical Greek Lead Alloy Applique of Zeus
Mint Quality & Scarce Late Corinthian Greek Exaleiptron (Kothon)
Rare & Superb Hellenistic Greek Silver Kantharos with Flat Handles
Mint Quality Egyptian Faience Bastet Lion Headed Goddess Amulet
Complete Viking Bronze Pendant with Stylized Christian Byzantine Cross
Rare Nazca-Wari Ballplayer Vessel with Facial Injury: Ex Fischer
Scarce Roman/Egyptian Gold Earrings with Standing Nude Concubines
Beautiful Greco-Scythian Gold Rosette with Glass Inlay
Costa Rican Bow-Drilled Jade Necklace with Celt God Pendant