Apolonia Ancient Art offers ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Pre-Columbian works of art Apolonia Ancient Art
X-Rare & Intact Moche Blackware Manta Ray Stirrup-Vessel
Scarce & Appealing Roman Bronze Votive Horse with Silver Wrapping
Beautiful & Esoteric Greek Terracotta of a Kore: Ex M&M
Three Intact Greek Corinthian Vessels: Circa 6th century B.C.
Animated & Intact Recuay Helmeted Warrior with Body Armor: Ex Fischer
Greek Gold Tubular Designed Talisman Pendant with Glass Paste Inlay
Scarce & Complete Sacred Huari Bowl with Jugate Mythical Heads
Detailed & Esoteric Greek Terracotta of a Kore: Ex M&M
Rare Egyptian Faience Offering Cup with Cartouche of Merenptah
Superb Greco-Roman Helmeted Marble Bust of a Young God/Alexander
Superb and Rare Byzantine Bronze "Double-Follis" of Basil II
Intact Architectural Near Eastern Red Steatite Kohl Vessel
Seven Intact & Varied Household Type Greco-Roman Ceramics
Rare Mayan Rabbit "Paint Pot" Suspension Vessel with Head Rattle
Superb and Attractive Ceremonial Chimu Silver Offering Bowl: Ex Lions
Two Matching Ordos Bronze Animal Wolf (?) Plaques with Prey
Mint Quality & Beautiful Roman Glass Flask with Trailing Neck Thread
X-Large Greek Lead Sling-Bullet with Inscription