Apolonia Ancient Art offers ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Pre-Columbian works of art Apolonia Ancient Art
Ten Scarce and Complete Votive Miniature Greek Corinthian Ceramics
Lustrous and Mint Quality Greek Attic Black-glazed Squat Lekythos
Scarce Chavin Grayware Bottle with Stylized Avian Design: Ex Marschall
Mint Quality Daunian Funnel Krater with Attractive Geometric Designs
X-Rare Moche Man Head Vessel with Facial Deformity: Ex Fischer
Detailed & Powerful Roman Bronze Silenus Applique Bust
X-Rare Graeco-Thracian Silver Shield/Cuirass Phalerae with Gold Gilt
Superb to Mint State Quality Greek Gold Stater of Alexander the Great
Rare & Superb Hellenistic Greek Silver Kantharos with Flat Handles
Apolonia Ancient Art and the AIAD
Intact & Scarce Egyptian Fiaence Pataikos Two-Faced Amulet Bust
Scarce & Complete Sacred Huari Bowl with Jugate Mythical Heads
Intact & Complete Olmecoid Standing Polychrome Mother Goddess
X-Large/Rare Egyptian Faience Aryballos with Lotus Pedal: Ex Christies
Superb Early Greek Silver Tetrobol of Olynthos with Apollo & Lyre
Exceptional Greek/Scythian Iron Short Sword with Decorative Hilt
Greek Hellenistic Bronze Panther & Eros Relief Plaque: Ex Royal Athena
Beautiful & Esoteric Greek Terracotta of a Kore: Ex M&M