Apolonia Ancient Art offers ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Pre-Columbian works of art Apolonia Ancient Art
Intact & Attractive Apulian-Gnathian Pelike with Tendrils: Ex Piehler
Superb Quality and Rare Greek Silver Epirote Drachm with Zeus Bust
Superb Quality Greek Silver Thasos Tetradrachm with Realistic Obverse
Mint Quality & Scarce Late Corinthian Greek Exaleiptron (Kothon)
Intact & Scarce Greek Boeotian Terracotta Figurine of a Nude Young Man
One Roman, One Byzantine, & One Viking Bronze Belt Fittings
Complete & Intact Near Eastern Sumerian Banded Marble Fox Stamp Seal
Rare & Intact Romano-Egyptian Micro-Mosaic Cut Glass Tile of Horus
Attractive & Mint Quality Greek Boeotian Blackware Stemmed Kantharos
Greco-Roman Bronze Wild Boar Figurine with Detailed Features
Mint Quality Greek Boeotian Black Glazed Kantharos with Ivy Tendrils
Beautiful Greco-Scythian Gold Rosette with Glass Inlay
Intact & Scarce Romano-Egyptian Votive Terracotta Nile Perch Fish
X-Rare & Intact Greek Geometric Bronze Mitra with Raised Knobs
Appealing Egyptian Wooden Mummy Mask: Ex Sotheby's - Pankow Coll.
Intact & Dainty Greek Messapian Lidded Lebes Gamikos Vessel
Mint Quality and Large Greek Hellenistic Storage Amphora
X-Rare and Extremely Fine Greek Silver Drachm of Phillip III