Apolonia Ancient Art offers ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Pre-Columbian works of art Apolonia Ancient Art
Superb Greek Bronze (AE 17) Coin of Mesembria with Full Helmet Crest
X-Rare & Mint Quaity Moche Erotic Vessel with Woman & Spirit Figure
Rare and Debased/Fourree Roman Silver Denarius of Lucius Verus
Mint Quality Greek Apulian Menzies Painter Lidded Mug: Ex Waltz
Intact & Complete Roman Bronze Crossbow Fibula with Cross Design
Beautiful & Intact Byzantine Ring with Gold Gilt & Brilliant Garnet
Mint Quality and Vibrant Greek Apulian Lidded Mug: Ex Stoke-on-Trent
Mint Quality and Dainty Roman Glass Patella Cup with Thick Patina
Intact Greek Hellenistic Terracotta Figurine of Nude Aphrodite
Intact and Dainty Greek Boeotian Kylix with Olive Sprigs
Rare & Intact Greek Attic Figural Shoe Form Aryballos: Ex Christies
Rare & Intact Romano-Egyptian Micro-Mosaic Cut Glass Tile of Horus
Complete & Detailed Roman Gold Earrings with Shield Emblems
X-Rare & Tinned Roman Bronze Legionary Armor Plaque with Standing Mars
Mint Greek Apulian Alabastron with Persephone Bust
Rare Mayan Rabbit "Paint Pot" Suspension Vessel with Head Rattle
Detailed & Powerful Roman Bronze Silenus Applique Bust
Interesting & Intact Teotihuacan Frescoed Tripod Vase: Ex Marschall