Apolonia Ancient Art offers ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Pre-Columbian works of art Apolonia Ancient Art
Intact & Lustrous Greek Blackware Kylix with Designs: Ex Piehler
Mint Quality Greek Paestan Red-Figure Hydria: Ex Asteas Python
Scarce & Votive Greco-Roman Lead Horse
Intact and Dainty Greek Boeotian Kylix with Olive Sprigs
Rare Nazca-Wari Ballplayer Vessel with Facial Injury: Ex Fischer
Roman Bronze Armor Belt Fitting Plaque with Dionysus
Interesting Roman Bronze Sestertius as Scale Armor
Sacred & Votive Hard Stone Valdivia-Chorrera Hache with Esoteric Shape
Superb & Intact Mayan Orange Glazed Bowl with Detailed Glyph Band
Rare and Debased/Fourree Roman Silver Denarius of Lucius Verus
Detailed Greek Silver Vessel Neck Section with Beaded Lip Border
Beautiful & Complete Greek Gold Diadem Wreath with Olive Leaves
Superb Greek Silver Thasos Tetradrachm with Wreathed Dionysus
Scarce and Large Greek Messapian Lidded Stamnos with Drip Design
Dramatic Greek Hellenistic Votive Terracotta Theater Mask of a Satyr
Large and Vibrant Nazca Globular Vessel with Spirit God: Ex Marschall
Pleasing Roman Young Goddess Marble Portrait Bust
Superb & Solid Etruscan Bronze Standing Kouros Figurine: Ex Christie's