Apolonia Ancient Art offers ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Pre-Columbian works of art Apolonia Ancient Art
Intact & Attractive Apulian-Gnathian Pelike with Tendrils: Ex Piehler
Complete & Powerful Mayan Ceremonial Terracotta Applique of Tlaloc
Exceptional FDC Roman Gold Aureus of Faustina Junior
Rare Mint Quality Greek Attic Black Glazed Kylix with Lambda Trademark
Mint Quality & Large Roman Glass Flask with Elongated Neck
X-Rare Moche Man Head Vessel with Facial Deformity: Ex Fischer
Complete & Detailed Byzantine Bronze Cross with Silver Inlaid Design
Rare & Superb Roman Iron Plumbata Mamillata Javelin Head
Rare & Mint Quality Greek Attic Black-Glazed Oinochoe Ceramic
Mint Quality Greek Late Bronze Age Period Ossuary Lidded Vessel
Rare Archaic Greek Marble Griffon "Table Leg" Trapezophoros
Sacred & Intact Etruscan Blackware Kernos: Ex Marschall
Scarce & Mint Quality Massive Inka Bronze Battle Ax: Ex Marschall
Superb & Intact Mayan Orange Glazed Bowl with Detailed Glyph Band
Rare Nazca-Wari Ballplayer Vessel with Facial Injury: Ex Fischer
Stylized Scythian Bronze Recumbent Stag Bridle Plaque
Flawless Greek Apulian Xenon-ware Kylix with Red Swan Tondo
Rare Greco-Roman Bronze of Alexander the Great's Horse Bucephalus