Apolonia Ancient Art offers ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Pre-Columbian works of art Apolonia Ancient Art
Scarce & Complete Colima Mahogany Obsidian Sacred Blade with Handle
Complete & Rare Parthian Near Eastern Bronze Leaping Lion Handle
X-Large & Intact Greek Bronze Foot Bath Bowl with Superb Patina
Large Dramatic Veracruz Xipe-Toltec Ceremonial Figurine with Fan
Egyptian-Phoenician Carved Hard Stone Scarab with Mythical Animals
Extremely Rare Taino Stone Ceremonial Ballgame Ball
Egyptian Faience Ptah Amulet Bust with Serene Smile
Exceptional Mint State Early Greek Athenian Silver Tetradrachm
Complete & Scarce Votive Gold Muisca "Tunjo" Warrior/Priest Figurine
X-Rare & Mint Quality Early Islamic Glass Flask with Iridescence
Dainty and Mint Greek Attic Black Glazed Kylix with Irridescence
Huge Greek Standing Votive Mother Goddess
Attractive and Esoteric Egyptian Wooden Mummy Mask: Ex M. El-Gabry
X-Large Greek Lead Sling-Bullet with Inscription
Scarce Roman/Egyptian Gold Earrings with Standing Nude Concubines
Roman Bronze Portrait Bust of a Young Caracalla: Ex Sotheby's
Complete & Scarce Roman Bronze Bull Oil Lamp Cover with Nice Patina
Three Mint Egypto-Byzantine Millefiori Glass Beads with Vibrant Colors
Impressive Graeco-Roman Silver Chain Necklace with Intricate Design
Superb Greek Silver Thasos Tetradrachm with Wreathed Dionysus
Flawless Greek Apulian Xenon-ware Kylix with Red Swan Tondo
Scarce Greek Geometric Period Bronze Amphora Knife Handle
Detailed Greco-Roman Bronze Theater Mask Applique Bust
Superb Greek Macedonian Silver Tetradrachm with Young Artemis Bust
Lively & Mint Quality Chimu Blackware Duck Stirrup Vessel: Ex Fischer
Medallic Large Flan Greek Athenian "New Style" Silver Tetradrachm
Rare & X-Large Cycladic Marble "Stargazer" Kilia Type Head: Ex Berk
Superb & Solid Etruscan Bronze Standing Kouros Figurine: Ex Christie's
Mint Quality Moche Stirrup Vessel with Lucuma Fruit: Ex Marschall
Rare & Superb Roman Iron Plumbata Mamillata Javelin Head
Large and Vibrant Nazca Globular Vessel with Spirit God: Ex Marschall
Scarce & Intact Moche Stirrup-Spout Vessel with Mythical Creature
Intact & Powerful Moche Seated Prisoner with Rope Tie: Ex Sotheby's
Intact & Appealing Inka Votive Bronze Trading Tumi: Ex Marschall
Rare Nazca-Wari Ballplayer Vessel with Facial Injury: Ex Fischer
Superb Greek Silver Didrachm of Corcyra (Corfu) with Large Flan