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Terms of Sale

1.We absolutely guarantee our items to be authentic and correctly dated.

2.Returns can be made, no questions asked, within 14 days. Past that, we will accept returns in the event of a mistake in our period attribution. No restocking fee will be charged. The buyer pays for return shipping, and all pieces must be returned in its original condition.

3.We ship within 3 business days.

4.Unless stated, the wood display stands sometimes accompanying porcelain items are not for sale.

5.We photograph pieces to the best of our ability. However, computer screens (and even human perception) can vary case by case, so please allow a small margin of deviation between online images of the piece(s) you purchase and actual perceived coloring.

About Ascot Court Antiques

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Ascot Court Antiques is a family-run gallery based in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA. We specialize in authentic antique Chinese ceramics. Our clients include local North American and other enthusiasts from the greater international Chinese ceramics community.

The trade and diaspora of Chinese works of art has been truly extraordinary in both temporal and geographical scope. In this sense, we hope to further a long tradition of connoisseurship by safekeeping and passing on pieces of aesthetic and historical value. However, we do not believe that collecting is a socioeconomically elite affair: our stock will always mix high-end and rare pieces with affordable but lovely minyao and export wares.

We take pride in our serious devotion to scholarship and research, and are pleased to offer authenticity guarantees to everything in our catalogue.



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