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Chinese Antique Furniture!!

AntiqueTica Asian AntiquesAsian AntiqueAsian Antique
AntiqueTica aims to be the center of Asian Antiques and Asian Art on he Internet, we provide various kinds of Asian Antiques and Asian Art for collectors, dealers, scholars, curators, and connoisseurs around the world. 
Feel free to contact us for more details about the Asian Antiques or Asian Art pieces that interest you.  Should you are looking for a specific item, we are here to locate it for you through our networks of communications located in Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, USA, UK, Belgium, and Germany.
Asian AntiquesAsian AntiqueAsian Antique

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Chinese Terracottas
  • Neolithic to Han
  • Jin, Wei, Tang
  • 5 Dynasties, Song, Yuan, Ming
    Chinese Porcelains
  • Song, Yuan, Ming
  • Qing, Republic
    Chinese Metalworks
    Chinese Woods
  • Thai Ceramics
  • Kalong
  • Sankampaeng
  • Sukhothai & Srisaschanalai
    Thai Metalworks
    Thai Woods
  • Khmer Ceramics
  • Pre-Angkor
  • Angkor
    Khmer Metalworks
  • Pre-Angkor
  • Angkor
  • Khmer Stones
    Khmer Textiles
    Khmer Woods
    Burmese Ceramics
    Burmese Metalworks
    Burmese Stones
  • Alabaster Stones
  • Sand Stones
  • Burmese Textiles
    Burmese Woods
    Vietnamese Ceramics
  • Hoi An Wares
  • Vietnamese Metalworks
    Vietnamese Stones
    Vietnamese Textiles
    Vietnamese Woods
    Laos Ceramics
    Laos Metalworks
    Laos Stones
    Laos Textiles
    Laos Woods

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