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19th Century, Thai Lanna Wooden Bible Chest with Design on 5 Sides
18th Century, Burmese Ivory Knife Handle
19th Century, A Pair of Burmese Ivory Knife Handles
17th-18th Century, Burmese Wooden Seated Buddha
Pottery Bowl Ware with Double Ears
19th C., Burmese Wooden Owl
Angkor Vat, Khmer Bronze Mirror
19th C., Burmese Wooden Tiger Eating Lady
20th C., Burmese Lacquered Food Container with Design
14th-16th C., Sukhothai Pottery Bottle Vase
19th Century, Mandalay, Burmese Wooden Walking Elephant
Large Burmese Wooden Lacqueredware
19th Century, Mandalay, Burmese Wooden Chest with Gilded Gold
19th C., Large Burmese Lacquered Vessel
19th Century, Thai Wooden Doors with Flower Design
Angkor Vat, A Set of Khmer Bronze Belt Buckle
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19th Century, Mandalay, Burmese Wooden Pillow
Angkor Vat, Rare Khmer Bronze Mirror with Handle