Antique Doll Bru Jumeau Kestner Bisque China Porcelain by Aunt Janie's Doll Trunk Repair

Antique Bisque Doll Repair is one of my specialties. If you read my ABOUT US link, you will discover much about my experience and history that has lent itself to my success in this field.

Mostly self taught by trial and error and having obtained all the doll repair books and a few repair videos I could find, I have actually developed some methods that are strictly my own, specifically using a process of non fired "bisque" that allows structurally sound repairs without airbrushed opaque over paint, thus preserving, as much as possible the original painted surface of the antique doll, while color matching in the last application of the "bisque" repair itself.
It is a porcelain substitute with additives. Such bisque doll part repairs have the benefit of matching the depth of translucency found in the antique bisque because the earlier applications of my "bisque" are white, like most antique bisque porcelain was. Lighted repairs do not show as major dark opaque shadows when lit from the inside of the head due to the translucency of my product. The outer surface is superior due to the fact that light is absorbed through the color and is reflected back by the white “bisque” beneath, not reflected off the surface of opaque paint.
My "bisque" is mixed on site and is not possible to mass-produce and sell. You may be interested to view articles I will post to blogs that show this process.

Please take the time to compare close up and clear photos of other artist's bisque repair and then note the philosophy that guides their applications.

Photos and Pricelists: Due to the limitations of this shop's pages, I am unable to display photos where I would like, so I invite you to email "" to request collages of examples of my work and my price list. My price list includes repairs as simple as restringing all the way to extensive repair where each line item can be broken down into individual parts.

Estimates and Doll Hospital Intake Reviews: If you decide you would like me to do your repair, a reservation for an intake interview is made for when space becomes available on a first come first serve basis. I notify when it is time to ship the doll for the intake interview. The intake interview costs $15.00 and is a written evaluation of the condition of the doll, includes a firmer estimate for the requested repair and suggestions from Doll Doctor Jan. It records all appropriate information about the doll's and owner's identity and if the owner elects to have the work or a portion of the work done, the paperwork is kept with the doll and the doll is tagged with a reference number. A copy is emailed to the owner for signature approval. Thereby, inpatient hospitalization time is reduced. The doll stays with you until I am ready to start work. Shipping to and from the Doll Hospital is paid by the doll's owner.

Insurance: All dolls are insured for theft, fire, accidental damage and earthquake at your stated value while in my doll hospital. Please be sure that your value is supportable.

My repair philosophy is that which is endorsed by UFDC: "Do nothing that cannot be reversed." Surprising to some is the fact that even antique bisque can be fired to the original china paint firing heat of 1800 degrees Fahrenheit to remove an old repair (or anything else that has been applied since the original china paint or fired-on label) the owner wishes to reverse. It will not harm the bisque or alter the original china paint. Of course, that would required removal of the eyes first, but even the original plaster settings can be preserved in that case and be re-installed. I would rather enjoy the original china paint over most of the surface and see some faint trace of repair than cover a large area with opaque paint by airbrush. I will do extensive airbrushing of bisque to hide all hints of repair at the specific request of a customer, but prefer not to.

Records and Communication: Before and After pictures and periodic progression updates of the repair process are sent to the owner. Permission for promotional use by Aunt Janie’s Doll trunk is a prerequisite for entry into the Doll Hospital. All work on the doll will be disclosed. A special stamp or seal will be placed on the interior of the head designating repair was done by Doll Dr. Jan. A copy of the records will be returned with the doll after payment has been made.

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