Specializing in:
  •  Asian Antiques
  •  Contemporary Fine Art
  •  Southwest Native American Art

Ann Arbor


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For more Chinese fine arts, see www.wisteriagallery.com

We carry a complete line of antiques from the Tang dynasty to the 20th Century. Our current offerings include ceramics, jade, bronze, ivory, snuff bottles, netsuke, woodblock prints, scrolls, cloisonn¨¦ etc. In addition we carry both old and recent examples of southwest native American art including ceramics, Navajo rugs, some jewelry and baskets.
We offer some of the best Chinese fine art available. Our collection includes oil paintings, watercolors and other media. Also, we are very proud to represent the ¡°Guanyu Art Studio.¡± Located in Heng-shui, Hobei Province, China, this studio is known by serious collectors as one of the premier providers of the highest quality interior painted snuff bottles.

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