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1st Ed ~ CANDLESTICKS-Geoffrey Wills 1974 HC/DJ
1st Ed Confessions of Boyhood ~ John Albee 1910
1st ED ~ Inspiring Reform ~Boston's Arts & Crafts Movement HC/DJ
1st Ed Iron John ~Robert Bly
1stED ~It's a long way to Heaven ~ Abner Dean 1945~Cartoons
1st ED KABUKI The Popular Stage of Japan ~ 1925
1st Ed Memorial Addresses...Hon. James Breck Perkins (NY) 1911
1st Ed ~Mr. Currier & Mr. Ives ... Russel Crouse ~ 1930
1st Ed Point Counterpoint~ Aldous Huxley~1928
1st Ed Portrait of Antique Dolls
1st Ed Precious Objects~Diamonds Family +A Way of Life~ Alicia Oltuski
1st Ed Recollections of Foreign Travel ..Vol. I ~ Brydges 1825
1st Ed ~ Southern Antiques & Folk Art~ Robert Morton
1st ED~ Steichen ~A Life in Photography
1st ED The Art of Living + Other Stories ~John Gardner
1st Ed ~ The Autumn Garden~ Lillian Helman
1st Ed The Carpet Wars~From Kabul to Baghdad~Christopher Kremmer
1st Ed The Design and Creation of Jewelry~ Robert von Neuman