Jensen, Fahrner, Mexican, Scandinavian, Books, Art, Metals Black Dog Antiques
1st Ed The Night of Dark Resistance ~ Daniel Berrigan
1st Ed~1st Impression LIVES OF THE HUNTED~Seton-Thompson 1901
I Found it at the JCB~ Scholars and Sources
1st Ed Tommy the Cork ~ David McKean HC/DJ
Porcelain ~Cooper Hewitt Museum ~ Smithsonian HC
Minneapolis Institute of Arts ~ Handbook of the Collection
1st ED The Art of Living + Other Stories ~John Gardner
The Genius of Wedgwood ~ Victoria +Albert Museum
"Some Lessons from Vietnam" ~ G.McT Kahin 3/69 Academic Paper
Le Corbusier Designer Furniture 1929 ~ Renato DeFusco 1977
1st ED Annie Leibovitz: American Music
Karsh : A Biography in Images
Revelations of New England Architecture
1st Ed ~THE CARTIERS: The Untold Story of the Family ....