Jensen, Fahrner, Mexican, Scandinavian, Books, Art, Metals Black Dog Antiques
Memorial Addresses Delivered in Congress ~Sen.LeBaron Colt (RI) 1925
The Essential Rene Lalique~ William Warmus
The Pearl ~ Sylvia Malaguzzi ~ 2001
Young People's Illustrated Bible History...1879 Engravings+Maps
1st Ed Iron John ~Robert Bly
Form & Decoration ~Innovation in the Decorative Arts 1470-1870
Bonnard ~ Nicholas Watkins 1994
The Great Stone Face and Other Tales... Nathaniel Hawthorne ~1889
15K Gold Nottingham City Golf Medal~ 1926
1stED ~It's a long way to Heaven ~ Abner Dean 1945~Cartoons
Methods and Techniques for Gouache Painting ~ Arthur Blanch 1946
Monumental Silver: Selections from the Gilbert Collection
The Eternal Companion: Brahmananda, His Life and Teachings
1st American Ed ~ To Back and Beyond ~ Fitzroy Maclean
English Lands Letters and Kings: the Later Georges to Victoria 1897
1st American Ed ~ THE NARROW CORNER ~ W. Somerset Maugham
1st Ed ~The Last Puritan~George Santayana 1936