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Here is an original extradition writ that empowers Williaim H.Shields to "take and receive from proper authorities ...Cecil H. Kurth" Dated Oct 23, 1936 with Mayor Curley's Signature below a seal.The back of the document testfies to the transfer. (William is spelled incorrectly on the front page.)
Black Dog Antiques
An authentic document signed by Gov. Alfred E Smith (NY) attesting to the fact that as requested by the Governor of Massachusetts he "surrendered" Fred W. Simmons, a fugitive from justice Dated August 17, 1927 . Smith's signature is in the lower right corner - it is also signed by counsel. The paper is folded and curled at the bottom edge; there are also two small puncture marks in the upper right corner.
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Black Dog Antiques
Here is a rare and wonderful photo collage of scenes from the building of the Alaskan Highway (completed in 1943.) Original snapshots. The center photo highlights what appears to be the official ribbon cutting; sixteen photos surround it. Below is a cartoon of a bear taking a picture of a man. Not examined out of the frame. 13" x 15".
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Black Dog Antiques
A typed treatise on the Vietnam War by noted historian, George McTurnan Kahin(1918-2000).This facsimilie document is dated March 28, 1969, with supporting documents that include an article by Peter Arnett, the AP correspondent in Saigon, a Congressional record document(11/19/69)related to Vietnam, "Politics in South Vietnam" by Jerry Silverman an associate professor at McMaster U. in Canada,a rebuttal to Pres. Nixon's April 30th speech, chronology,etc.Stapled. 22pp
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Black Dog Antiques
Collectible magazine featuring Star Trek articles and pictures, a story on space age costume designer, Larry Le Gaspi, etc.