Antiques; primitive, ethnic, tribal, religious and folk arts from Asia
Ritual art, jewelry, textiles from south-east Asia, China, Himalaya and other fascinating areas

Antiques, Folk Arts, Arts Populaires, Chinese Nuo masks, toggles by Bhadrakalpa   BHADRAKALPA

Antiques from Asia, South-East Asia and India
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About Bhadrakalpa

Our collection is the result of two passions: one for what we consider beautiful, meaningful and a testimony of the past and one for a few countries and their culture, mainly in Asia.

Ethnographic, Folk, Tribal and Ritual Arts
About Art

We specialize in Asian Art (Art Asiatique), mainly from Himalaya, China-Tibet, Nepal, Burma and India.

Art has a very large spectrum. We believe Art is the combination of a unique vision and an amazing craftsmanship; wether it is a Buddha statue, a Miao baby-carrier, Dong silver jewelry, a Chinese toggle, a Tibetan bronze stupa, a Tujia Nuo mask, an opium or tobacco pipe, a puppet,...., a pipe ornament !

Many beautiful old items with an history, a soul, creating an emotion, deserve our respect and interest.
Folk Arts (Arts Populaires) are well represented, as well as ethnographic, ritual and tribal objects.

So, as you will see, our collection is very eclectic. Browse and enjoy!

And feel free to contact us by e-mail for more details or pictures if necessary.


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