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The West has the Gilded Age, those in South East Asia has the extremely rich and unique hybrid of a culture called the Peranakan Chinese. When Europe delighted in the Edwardian platinum swirls raged in Britain, this is what was happening in the Dutch East Indies, Malaka, and Singapore. This is one of the remnant of an amazing bygone era that was the early 20th century. The skills demanded to produce one of these has been lost, and people are just beginning to try to recover them, with very limited success. Silver. Made entirely by hand. Only the belt on the top layer is for sale. The lower belt is sold separately. You can compare the quality of workmanships in the two belts, which is reflected in each of their asking prices. Length 58 cm without buckle. Buckle measures approximately 7.5 x 7.8 cm. Judging from the size this is probably traditionally a girl's belt. It can easily translate to a belt for a modern very skinny person :-) I wear my collection of silver Peranakan belts with a variety of cotton and linen dresses and tops and jeans. It is one of the most versatile antique jewelry I know. Yes, this belt is a piece of jewelry! I can't even put belt under the category of jewelry that's how unique this kind of belt is! Very good condition for one of these which are getting harder and harder to find whole. Feel free to contact me for more photos. Thank you for dropping by :-)