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This is a modern take of the "wayang golek". Operated like like the shadow puppets, but without the shadow and presented directly to the audience, they are traditionally Javanese (Island of Java in Indonesia). This particular puppet is dressed in the Balinese (Island of Bali in Indonesia) traditional style, with a modernize facial features as well, making this a Javanese "Wayang Golek" inspired decorative object one place in one's living room. The head piece is just simply stunning. This is hand crafted to order for Blue Ginger using a traditional Balinese cloth of our choice (newly made cloth, we do not participate in the destruction of historical vintage traditional cloths of Indonesia). ONE OF A KIND. No two pieces are ever exactly alike. CONDITION: NEWLY CRAFTED. DIMENSION: APPROXIMATELY 80 cm or 31 inches. PLEASE NOTE *THE SECOND PICTURE IS NOT THE ITEM LISTED HERE, IT IS FOR ILLUSTRATIVE PURPOSES ONLY*