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Batik Tulis from the turn of the 20th century signatured "Gan Tjing Hiok" (Read: Gan Ching Hyok) and M.D. Van Zuylen (M.D. = Model Dari = Style From). The Gan Family was one of several famous batik maker families in Pekalongan. Eliza Van Zuylen was a famous Indo-Dutch Batik artist living in Java at the time. Her Batik Tulis are auctioned for up to about $7000. She is considered one of the Masters of the Indo-Dutch style of Indonesian Chinese Batik Tulis. And the Gan Family's work of Van Zuylen's designs and styles are one of the best out there. This Batik is made in Van Zuylen's style and design with her permission. The sheen on the surface of the cloth as seen in our pictures here is as in real life. The handle of this cotton is very thin yet strong, I have to remind myself each time that I was not holding a piece of paper. The cotton is still crisp after all these years. There are some age marks (please see pics). Otherwise in fine condition. NOTE that this was made for the ends to be sewn together creating the tubular waist wrap we know as "sarung" (read: saroong). However, this has never been sewn together (please see pic) suggesting that this has NEVER BEEN WORN.