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All Items : Artisan and Design : Textiles : Wearable Art : Pre 1980 item #176770 (stock #gn0068)
Bright purple denim highly decorated hand painted coat made for Sundance, c.1980's. This coat was purchased from the artist directly and was never in the Sundance catalog. Brightly painted, it has a long back slit, two pockets but is missing the two buttons(were never put on). In excellent condition, it measures 48" long. Made by the same artist shown in ITEM #176766. Gorgeous piece!......$10 for insured USA shipping.
All Items : Artisan and Design : Textiles : Wearable Art : Pre 1990 item #176766 (stock #gn0067)
Decorative black denim hand painted coat signed by the artist and made for Sundance, c.1980's. Purchased from the artist directly, this coat was not sold by Sundance. Designed with Indian symbols, it is signed "GSC" at the very large arrowhead on the back and measures 51" long and is marked "SUNDANCE DENIM WEAR SMALL"(small). Has long back slit, two pockets, two metal buttons, and is in excellent condition. Great looking and comfortable. Machine washable...
All Items : Artisan and Design : Jewelry : Necklaces : Pre 2000 item #757263 (stock #CT0015)
Lovely 18K rose gold(matte finish) hanging heart with diamond necklace by STEFAN BLAKE. This maker is no longer in production. The 18 1/2" chain is made of a matching 750 rose gold as well. The heart has a 4-point diamond. Heart measures 5/8" by 1/2". It is signed "SB 750" and is in excellent condition. Contemporary design on a classic favorite. Also included is a beautiful red box and other wrapping in perfect condition.....$15 for insured US shipping.
All Items : Artisan and Design : Folk Art : Pre 1980 item #707265 (stock #gn0029)
Quirky amusing handmade WOMAN made of painted wood and standing 68" tall, c.1970's. Her dress is of turquoise color with black polka dots and a mustard-color shelf on which her MOVEABLE arms sit and a lower shelf at the skirt. Her amusing face with applied features has pink-painted cheeks and lips with blue eyes and brown hair. She stands 68" tall by 13" wide by 10 1/2" deep. Excellent condition. Charming and funny!...Buyer arranges for shipping.
All Items : Artisan and Design : Textiles : Wearable Art : Pre 1970 item #176781 (stock #gn0069)
Wonderful fantasy-art hand painted black coat, c.1970.s The black fabric is used as a backdrop for "night" with yellow stars in the darkened sky and buildings and cars all over the bottom of the front and back. The closure at the front is a piece of red decorative ceramic looped with green cording. Large size and lined with red fabric, it is 52" long. Has two pockets lined with black satin and padded shoulders. Excellent condition. Whimsical and so well done...
All Items : Artisan and Design : Jewelry : Pre 1990 item #33255 (stock #md0046)
French hand made mixed metal abstract cuffs in great designs. One is made of silver, copper, and brass. The other - silver, copper, brass, and ivory. The one without the ivory is signed with a hard to read signature and 88. The other is unsigned. They were made by the same artist. The openings are: with ivory 2 1/2" and the other 2 5/8". They are both in excellent condition. Great designs and fun....$7 USA insured shipping.
All Items : Artisan and Design : Textiles : Wearable Art : Pre 1970 item #176805 (stock #gn0071)
Very heavy and substantial black velveteen cape with enormous applied butterfly sipping nectar from a flower on the back, c.1960's. It has a large mustard color velveteen collar, black lining, and is 58" long. The closure is a black frog. Excellent condition. Great hand made piece of clothing from the "hippie" generation. Can be used in the colder months.....$15 for insured USA shipping.
All Items : Artisan and Design : Textiles : Wearable Art : Pre 1980 item #176794 (stock #gn0070)
This is the best piece of wearable art! Gorgeous hand painted green coat with purple lining showing a woman, children, cats, etc in vibrant green, pink, blue, purple, etc. PAINTED ALL OVER THE COAT! This isFIG a great painting. Seems to be a medium size and is 47" long. Fabric is somewhat stiff due to all over painting. Amusing and happy! Excellent condition. To see a similar piece, go to ITEM #176781......$10 for insured USA shipping.