Coins and Antiques Gallery
Victorian Art Glass Vase with Applied Flowers.
19th C. Miniature Portrait Painting.
19th C. French Bronze Crucifix.
Group of German Style Sterling Silver & Etched Glass Bar-Ware.
Antique German Silver Lidded Dresser Box, Ca 1795.
American Sterling Silver & Cut Glass Pitcher by Wallace.
Tiffany Sterling Silver Footed Lidded Jar.
Superb Pair of 19th C. Austrian Silver Figural Candlesticks.
Wonderful 800 Silver Box.
Superb Pair of Antique Signed Sevres Covered Urns.
Continental Oval Miniature Painting.
19th C. Continental Hand Painted Porcelain Plaque.
19th C. French Crucifix.
Superb Pair OF German .800 silver Gilt Figural Compotes.
Superb Continental .800 Silver Chariot.
Continental .800 Silver and Etched Crystal Compote.
Antique Carved Stag Dogs Cane-Ca. 1890.
19th C. French Bronze Figural Group.
Patinated Bronze Figures; Young Saytr.
19th C. Bronze Statue Figures; Grouping, Eugene Laurent.
Victorian Bronze Figure.
Antique Silver Panther Dress Cane-Ca. 1910.
Antique Folk Art Monkey Cane-Ca. 1880.
Antique Skull Vine Cane-Ca. 1890.
Chinese Silver/Stingray Tail Cane-Ca. 1890.
19th C. Elk Hunting Silver Cane
Gold Boxer Dress Cane-Ca. 1910.
Fine Large Chinese Shoushan Seal Stone.
Antique Hand Painted Porcelain Plaque.
Fine Hand Painted Porcelain Plaque.
Antique Faux Ivory Carving.
Antique Chinese Carved Jade Pendant.
Chinese Carved Jade Figure; Shoulou.
Antique Chinese Jade Bi Ornament.
Antique Chinese Jade Yue Axe.
Japanese Bronze Inkwell, Meiji Pd.