Coins and Antiques Gallery
Chinese Mandarin Enameled Porcelain Milk Beaker, 1780'S
18th C. Cinese Mandarin Enameled Porcelain Bowl. 1770s.
18th C. Cinese Mandarin Enameled Porcelain Plate.
Chinese Zitian Wood Book Box With Bone & Jade Inlays.
Late Victorian Silver-Mounted Horn-Handled Cane.
19th C. Gilt Metal-Topped Treen Cane/Walking Stick.
Victorian Horn-Handled Novelty Cane/Walking Stick.
.900 Silver Cigarette Case.
Superb 19th C. Miniature Portrait Paintings.
19th C. Incredible Miniature Portrait Painting.
Bronze Sculpture, After F. Remington.
Exceptional 17th C. Rare German Engraved Dagger
Supperb Mid 19th C. Ottoman Silver Decorated Shield (sipar)
Impressive Early 19th C. Indo/Persian Jambyia Dagger
19th C. Indian Mughal Jade Handle Dagger
Large Chinese Enameled Porcelain Plaque
19th C. Fine Japanese Enameled Porcelain Dish
19th C. Chinese Bronze Buddha Inkwell.