Coins and Antiques Gallery
Superb Burmese Repousse Silver Box.
German Porcelain Plate
German Porcelain Plate
Japanese Carved Rosewood Netsuke Figure. Hand & Monkey.
19th C. Japanese Carved Horn Netsuke.
19th C. Japanese Carved Bone Netsuke; Gamma Sennin.
Cutch Indian Silver Scroll Case/Box.
English Silver & Horn Handled Cane, Ca 1911.
English Silver Handled Cane/Walking Stick.
Chinese Export Semi-Eggshell Porcelain Plate, C 1750.
Superb Burmese Repousse Silver Ink Well.
Fine Burmese Repousse Silver Dish,
Superb Unusual Chinese Carved Jadeite; Swiming Fishes
Persian Glazed Pottery Bowl; 12th C.
Japanese Carved Wood Lotus Pod Netsuke,
American Sterling Mounted Brown Leather Jewel Box.
Fine Chinese Enameled Porcelain Bowl.
Pair of Antique Chinese Enameled Porcelain Bowls.