Coins and Antiques Gallery
Wonderful English antique Silver Dish, Ear 18th C.
Wonderful Old Silver Dish.
Pair of Persian Silver Filigree Cup Holder.
Wonderful Japanese Satsuma Decorated Pottery Vase, Tais
Antique Japanese Seto Ware Tray and Box.
Antique Chinese Decorated Sweetmeat Tray in wooden Case
On Hold
Antique Fisher & Mieg Porcelain Plaque, 19th C.
Sterling Wallet Case with 14K Gold Inlay. Ear 20th C.
Antique Japanese Musket Tanegashima, 17th C.
Wonderful Chinese Wooden Bowl.
Wonderful Southeast Indian Wooden Bowl.
Wonderful African Woven Basket.
Antique Moroccan Powder-Horn, 19th c.
Antique Persian Kard/Dagger, 18th C.
Wonderful Moro Dagger Punal, Late 19th C.
Superb Persian Saber Shamshir, Late 18th C.
Anglo-American Miniature Portrait Painting, Ear 20th C.
Antique Persian engraved Copper Bowl, 17th C.